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All: Missing Information?

Here’s what you need to do if the application is missing some information, you can click on the Status lock (circled in blue) in the right hand corner to mark the application as incomplete. This will then create a link that you can send via email back the the applicant.

Click Yes. Mark as Incomplete.

Copy the green link and email it to the applicant with a message to re-submit the application to you.

The applicant will then click on the link when they receive it and fill in the missing information. Notice now that the application has now been put into the incomplete queue and that at the bottom of each incomplete entry you will find a Resume URL link. Click on it will take you to the incomplete form.

Clicking on Incomplete will take you to a page listing all the incomplete applications.

If you click on Entries to go back to the manage entries tab you can see how many incomplete entries you have in your queue. In this case we have 4, you can click on this to see the incomplete entries.