Federated States of Micronesia How To Tutorials

NORMA: Approve License Application

Step 1: Receive Permit Application

When a user completes an online application and submits it, you will receive an email notification that looks something like this in your inbox.

Click on the View Application button

NB: Make sure you logged into the system before clicking on View Application button a licensing application.

This should take you to the application page. Check the application page to make sure everything has been submitted.

Step 2: Process Application

If everything is in correct with the form click on the Edit button to process the application.

The officials section is colored in Pink. Process the application by filling in the officials section.

Make sure you have:

  1. You have filled in the Officials Section.
  2. The checkbox called Licensing Checks Completed is checked if the application has been completed correctly.
  3. Checked that the FSM Fishing License Number has been generated without errors.

NB: The Compliance Checks Completed checkbox should only be checked once a compliance officer has reviewed the application.

Once you are done processing the application, click on the Save button located at the very bottom of the page.

Step 3: Final Review

Once the Licensing Application checks have been completed in the Officials section and email is sent automatically for Final Approval by the Chief of the Management & Development Division.

Click on the Review Application for the Final Review of the application before you print it out to go for signing.

Step 4. Print Permit

To print the application click Edit

Then set the status to Print for Signing

The system will automatically email you a Word Document copy of the permit to the email to

Federated States of Micronesia

FSM: Licensing Process

Here are the instructions for NORMA’s licensing system. It shows you the steps from start to finish in the system. This assumes the you are already logged into and that a user has already submitted their application online:

Step 1: Check and Validate

Once a user submits an application you’ll get a notification email telling you that an application has been received. You will need to check that the applicant has filled in the application correctly. By clicking on the View Application button.

This will take you to the backend of the application where you can start to process the application. See below:

If you find that there’s some missing information. Follow the instructions here on how to handle that

Step 2: Process License

Once you are satisfied that the application is valid you can start processing the application by clicking on the Edit. Scroll down to the OFFICIALS ONLY sections. Since you have checked and validated the application, check the Licensing Checks Completed.

Step 2a. License Check

Follow your normal licensing processes to get the the required information to fill in the remaining sections the Licensing Details and the Licensing Fees.

Fill in information about:

  1. Conditions – Choose the conditions that will be applied to the license
  2. The FSM License # – Unique number assigned to the License
  3. PRL # – Tracking number
  4. Start Date – When does the licensing period begin
  5. End Date – When does the licensing period end
  6. Date of Issue – When was the License issued
  7. Issued By – Who signed and issued the License
  8. Remarks – And any comments or other relevant information you may have about the application

Fill in information about the fee’s. Upload any receipts OR Bank transfers to the Uploads button for record keeping.

2b. Compliance Check

Once the compliance officer finishes performing a background check on the vessel/captain/company you can upload the compliance information using the uploads or comments section.

Once the compliance officer is done check the Checks Completed Checkbox under Licensing Application checks.

Scroll to the bottom and Save the Application.

Step 3: Final Review

Once you’ve saved the application you can email your supervisor directly from the system to do a Final Review before Printing. You can do this via the Email link on the right.

Fill in you supervisors details and a short note if you want. Click Email Entry and select the Email Template: Custom – Logic Rule #2  to send the Final Review email to your supervisor.

Note: You can send the application to multiple email addresses by separating them with a comma. 

Your supervisor will now get an email like this. The can click on the Review Application button to do a final check before printing and signing.

Step 4: Create Permit Document

Once your superiors approve the application click Edit and set the status of the application to Print for Signing, then and Save it. The system will now check if

  1. Status is set to Print for Signing
  2. Compliance Checks Completed has been checked
  3. Licensing Checks Completed has been checked

If ALL the conditions above are True, the system will create a Permit document  and then email it to your inbox.

Step 5: Download, Print and Sign

In this step you will need to print all the documents to take for Printing and Signing. This will include:

Downloading the application using the PDF link and then printing that. Alternatively you could try printing directly but that doesn’t always work well.

Downloading and Printing all the attachments submitted with the application.

Downloading and printing the automatically generated permit document.

Step 6: Set Status to Approved

Once everything is signed log back into the system, edit the status by setting it to Approved and clicking Save.

You can also upload the signed copy of the hard copy permit to the uploads section for record keeping purposes.

Step 7: Notify the Applicant

Use the Email button again to notify the applicant that their application is ready for pickup.

This time select the Email Template: Custom – Logic Rule #2 to send the email to say the application has been approved.

The applicant will then receive an email looking like this: