Visual License Workflow

Courtesy of NORMA licensing system
Licensing System Task Management. Licensing Tasks move from right to left during Licensing process.

The Licensing system contains a visual task manager based on the Kanban system of getting things done. This has been applied to the licensing processes in member countries and is customized to each countries needs.

Checklist Items

Once all items are checked off Checklist goes green.

Automated creation of checklists needed created to guide license processing based on your organizations licensing business rules.

Assign People

Assigning people to process a license

Assign Licensing Officers, MCS Officers etc to assist in the processing process OR get them assigned automatically based on your organizations business rules.

Make Comments and Mention people

Add comments and mention people

You can add comments and mention people using the @ symbol like on twitter. This creates an email notification that will be delivered to their inbox.

Automated Integration with Regional Systems

Labels indicate status of vessel on regional systems

To speed up processing of applications, each application is assigned a set of labels automatically. These labels are assigned based on the following checks with with FFA and WCPFC systems:

  • Check whether a vesselĀ  is on FFA Goodstanding
  • Check whether a vesselĀ  is on WCPFC RFV
  • Check whether a vessel has polled in the last 3 day’s

If these conditions are true then Green labels are attached to the application. Officers can quickly see which applications can then be fast tracked through.

Online Application Forms

Online forms to reduce data entry for licensing officers by allowing industry to submit their permit applications online.

NORMA Online Licensing Form
Online application form allows industry to submit their permit applications online

Single Sign On

We are standardizing on Google/Gmail account for authentication (SPC’s TUFMAN 2 is doing the same). This means you only need to remember one set of login credentials across both FFA and SPC’s products.

Single Sign On Login with Google

Easily Customizable

Current system doesn’t suit your needs. Then customize it yourself using our easy to use form builder. Note you can also use the system to build other applications outside of fishing licensing applications.

Drag and Drop fields on the right onto the canvas to create your form
Use the Form Builder to build your own solutions using drag and drop