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Samoa: Process a License


Before you can process a license make sure you are:

  • Logged into the Licensing System at
  • Logged into your email client (i.e. gmail, outlook etc…) so that you can receive notifications when new licensing applications are made online via the system.
  • Have a valid account on the system with the correct permissions and have been added to the group email. You will need to check with the Principal Licensing Officer for this. If you don’t have an account in the licensing system you can sign up for one. You will then need permission from the Principal Licensing Officer to be able to process licenses. Once that is granted then you will be given permissions in the system by an FFA admin that will allow you to process a license in the licensing system.

Processing Instructions

Step 1: Applicant fills in an online application

Screenshot of Online Foreign Fishing Application Form
Applicant fills in application form

Step 2: An Email notification is sent to the licensing email address

Email Notification
Screenshot of Gmail with an email notification for a new application.

Step 3: Open the email and click check application.

This will redirect you to the application in the system. Check the application to make sure it has been filled in correctly.

If Application OK

If everything is in order, click the Edit button to fill in the Officials section. Click Save Changes to complete the Licensing Officers section.  Note: The Save Changes button is located at the bottom of the application form.

Viewing the Application
If application is correct click Edit to begin processing, if there are issues click Status and set this to incomplete

If Application NOT OK

If there are issues with the application then click Status and set the application to incomplete by clicking on the Yes. Mark as incomplete button in the dialogue box.

Screenshot of dialogue to set application as incomplete
Click Yes Mark as incomplete to set the application to incomplete.

A link will be created for the applicant to fill in any missing information. Copy this link and send an email to the applicant with the link + a message explaining what is missing.

Screenshot of Edit and Resume link
Email the link in green to the applicant and a message explaining what is missing

Step 4: Licensing Officer fills in their section

Licensing Officer checks application for completeness and then fills in the Licensing Officers section of the application and clicks Save Changes when done. Notify the compliance officer that they need to fill in their section.

Screenshot of Licensing Officers Section - Samoa Foreign Fishing
Fill in the Licensing Officers Section

Step 5: Compliance Officer fills in their section

Compliance Officer does a vessel compliance check and then fills in their section on the license application and clicks Save Changes when done.

Screenshot of Compliance Officers Section
Fill in the Compliance officers section

If Compliance OK

Set the Status to Print for Signing. See Step 7 for instructions.

If Compliance NOT OK

If there are any compliance issues found, set the status of the application to

Screenshot of Status set to rejected
Set applications status to Rejected

Step 7: Set the applications Status to Print for Signing. 

Set the applications Status to Print for SigningClick Save Changes.

Screenshot of Status set to Print for Signing
Set application status to Print for Signing once you are ready to print the application to go for signing

A license permit will be created automatically by the system and emailed to you if all of the following are TRUE

  • the Licensing Check is completed
  • AND the Compliance Check is completed
  • AND the Status is set to Print for Signing

You will then need to print all the documents to go for signing

Step 8: Download and Print all documents

Download all the attachments in the application form and print them

Download a PDF copy of the Online application and print it

Screenshot of how to PDF application form
Download PDF of the Application form

Download a copy of the permit that was sent via email and print the attachment (see above)

Screenshot of Email inbox receiving automatically generated License Permit
Email sent to your inbox with an attachment of the automatically generated license permit. The sender will appear as Samoa Licensing System. Click on the email to open it.

Download the attached word document which contains the automatically generated License Permit and print this.

Screenshot of Automatically generated License

Step 9: Send for Signing

Send all the documents for printing by the CEO and the Minister

Step 10: Set Status to Approved

If the application comes back from signing and has been approved, set the Status to Approved. Otherwise set the Status to Rejected and notify the applicant.

The final step is to set the applications Status to approved.
The final step is to set the applications Status to approved.